How to move on the x-axis/z-axis in the scene editor

Hi, I’m new to Unity and am struggling with how to effectively move around the scene view with the mouse and keyboard.

In isometric view I can move around using the arrow keys in a way that makes sense to me (all four keys move on the x/z axis and I use the scroll-wheel to zoom in and out. In perspective view the up and down arrow keys change behaviour; zooming in and out rather than moving on the x/z-axis. I find myself rotating 90 degrees and using the left and right arrow keys instead which is really frustrating.

Is the only option for me to always use the isometric view? Somehow that doesn’t feel right. Hopefully I’m missing a setting or something else silly.

Thanks in advance!

Haven’t got Unity up to double-check this at the moment.
But I think WASD keys might be what you are looking for.