How to move particles of a particle system towards its centre ??

I made a particle system of sphere shape and all the particles are emited from shell. I want to move all the particles of this system towards its centre. Does any one have any idea about it?

Is this not as simple as setting a negative start speed on the particle system? This will make the particles move towards the center of the emmision sphere, if you don’t want them to be able to go through the center and keep going you can add a sphere collider to the center and enable particle collision in world mode, you can use a layer on the collider so the particles won’t collide with everything else in the world too. Should end up with something like this…


I know it’s old post, but now you can use Particle System Force Field to accomplish it with Unity 2018.3 onwards.

How to use:

  1. From Hierarchy, Create > Effects > Particle System Force Field
  2. Make it child of your particle for convinience (optional).
  3. Enable “External Forces” in your particle.
  4. Change “Influence Filter” to “List” and add the force field to it.
  5. Make sure position of the force field is (0,0,0) (identical to the particle).
  6. Increase End Range of the force field component to cover your particle.
  7. Increase Gravity Strength and tweak Drag Strength a bit to fit your needs.
  8. enjoy!

It is an old post but knowledge is forever. This is how I did it with a Particle System and works perfectly!

  1. Shape > Sphere > Radius = 1
  2. Shape > Radius Thickness = 0
  3. Velocity over Lifetime > Radial = -0.6