How to move the Character in inventory system in one scene into another scene?

Hello, everyone!

I’m currently building an inventory system with NGUI. Basically, I followed “Example - X character” in NGUI.

My inventory system is built in one scene, and I can add equipments from the backpack to my character in this system, then what I want to do is to use this equipped character to play. So the basic idea is like:

Equip my character → Use this character to play

I reckon probably I have to solve two questions, as followings:

  1. How to save the equipped character while running the scene, probably as a prefab?
  2. How to move the equipped character to the next scene?

Could anybody give me any ideas please?

Maybe this helps: With playerprefs you can store ints , floats and strings. For every equipment you can make a playerpref and say if it is equipped or not.