How to move the character to a Point with it's proper animations?

Hi There! ^^ I found this little script on the internet that enables you to move a sprite with it’s assigned animations … Now i would like to change this to a Click-To-Move kinda thing to, instead of using the keyboard use the mouse … The problem is that before this i never have even touched the Animator and even less animated something xP … i mean i know how to do a Click to move … but Animation is completely new for me! xO
And i am on the need of some Pseudocode o “Way” to approach the problem … Any tips? =)
The Code:

void Update () {

		Vector2 movement_vector = new Vector2(Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"), Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical"));

		if (movement_vector != {
			anim.SetBool ("iswalking", true);
			anim.SetFloat("input_x", movement_vector.x);
			anim.SetFloat("input_y", movement_vector.y);
		} else {
			anim.SetBool("iswalking", false);
		rbody.MovePosition (rbody.position + movement_vector * Time.deltaTime);

so you need pseudo code -

  1. On mouse click , Just create an instance of a cube or sphere (anything) there without mesh rendered , trigger (not collider)
  2. Move your 2d character towards it(refer transform position of that cube then speed and play animation)
  3. when the player got there just destroy that instantiated object and ready for next click .

Not good in english but that doesn’t matter , hope it makes sense , if not ask me what is making problem .