How to move up/down an array?

(this is C#)
i have a simple loading system: each tile is assigned a value, and just strung in a line one after another.
i got the load done, but i have 100800 array elements. how do i move up the array?
eg: array[0] to array[1] untill array[100800]
it has to load every array.
i tried doing

temp = Convert.ToInt32 (array[tempnumb])

Also i have some more positions after the 100800th that will be loaded separatly, so untill 100800th then stop.
but no luck. help?


In your question, your have three separate names for your array (Array1, array1, and array). Do you have multiple Arrays, or do you have a single array with 100800 positions in said array? Also, what programming language are you using?