How to muliply a quaternion with a matrix4x4?

I know that we can use matrix4x4.TRS() but I want to demonstrate about transformation order, so I use a quaternion for rotation and a translation matrix (4x4). But I do not know how to multiply it using “*” operator?

I also test to multiply a quaternion with a vector, then a translation matrix with a vector, but the result is different as testing with another tool.

Anybody help me, please?

To use a quaternion you have to convert it into a 3x3 rotation matrix. The multiply operator of a quaternion with a vector3 looks like this:

//C# (taken from UnityEngine.dll)
public static Vector3 operator *(Quaternion rotation, Vector3 point)
	float num = rotation.x * 2f;
	float num2 = rotation.y * 2f;
	float num3 = rotation.z * 2f;
	float num4 = rotation.x * num;
	float num5 = rotation.y * num2;
	float num6 = rotation.z * num3;
	float num7 = rotation.x * num2;
	float num8 = rotation.x * num3;
	float num9 = rotation.y * num3;
	float num10 = rotation.w * num;
	float num11 = rotation.w * num2;
	float num12 = rotation.w * num3;
	Vector3 result;
	result.x = (1f - (num5 + num6)) * point.x + (num7 - num12) * point.y + (num8 + num11) * point.z;
	result.y = (num7 + num12) * point.x + (1f - (num4 + num6)) * point.y + (num9 - num10) * point.z;
	result.z = (num8 - num11) * point.x + (num9 + num10) * point.y + (1f - (num4 + num5)) * point.z;
	return result;

As you can see they “kind of” generate a 3x3 matrix but without going through the Matrix4x4 class which would be wuite a bit overhead. However you can simply use this to create a Matrix4x4 out of the quaternion.

However it’s probably way easier to use

    var rotation = Matrix4x4.TRS(, yourQuaternion,;

Finally you can decide on your own in which order you multiply the matrices together.