how to open a project without (re-)importing 3dsmax2010 files to fbx?

My problem is that i delivered a project folder containing many 3dsmax**2010**-files (for geometry) to a customer who has only 3dsmax**2009** installed on his computer. He reports that his Unity gets stuck when importing the max2010-files (it works fine with max2009-files). Before i export all the many 3d-files to fbx manually, ===> Is there a way to prevent the (re-)importing of the max2010-files to fbx? (since you can open such a project folder, even when there's no 3d-application installed at all)

The assetserver would be able to circumvent this problem, as it also versions the results of the import.

I don't know of a way to prevent Unity from reimporting the assets no your customers computer.

Im not sure if there is or not, it would probaly be easiest just export them again as FBX though, unless you have loads of models, then it shouldnt take that long. Sorry, hopefully someone else will be able to give you a better answer tho.

That's why I ALWAYS suggest to export FBX by hand and never use the automatic export from application. This detaches the application (Max or whatever) from its product (FBX) allowing to avoid practically ANY type of following problem, like the one in this thread.

OK this is not really an answer to the topic but I can't stress enough how much is better to just export FBX straight from app... I've seen so many complaints about this thing already.