How to open a Unity Built-in Editor Window

I would like to open a standard unity editor window from my c# script, specifically, the window that opens when one clicks on “Edit Textures,” then “Edit Texture,” in a Terrain object (it edits a selected SplatPrototype). Does anyone know where to find a list of the class names of the built-in editor windows (or just how to open this one)? Thanks.

There’s a similar post with the answer you are looking for:

That’s a very simple editor window that is an internal class and specifically designed for the TerrainEditor. It can’t be used for anything else than editing the terrain splat textures.

Depending on what’s your goal it’s way easier to create your own editor window for your specific case.

Anyways if you want to know what classes exist inside the UnityEditor dll, just have a look at it with ILSpy or any other .NET reflector, or just browse through the decompiled version online.

I guess you mean the TerrainSplatEditor

Thank you both. Technically, both answers are correct, but I found the script on reflecting types most useful in a broader sense than my original question.

I don’t know about “Edit Texture” but you can open built-in Unity windows (e.g. Game) like this: