How to open a Webgl unity game from a different html page?

I built a WebGl version of my game, which is working properly once I run it on a local host. However, I want to open the game from a different HTML site, meaning I want to link the game page to a button on my html page.

How could that be completed? As a simple “href” with a link to the file of the web game itself or the index.html page of the page is not working.

Thank you

You will first need to host the game somewhere on the web, for example Heroku or other similar platforms. or locally on your system through xampp, wamp, atom live server, etc…

After that the simple “href” to index.html will work properly.

Currently, I have been working on unity webgl and having a landing page with list of webgl games and then on click of specific game name opening the game using the same approach. Works properly.