how to open Executables from encrypted .ZIPs

i want to build an system to open .exe executables inside .zips, whowever, i don’t know how to do that, there’s any way i can do that? there’s something like this:


var a = GetEXEFromZip(stringPath+“”);

a.password = 17



Afaik this does not work as you want it to.

When you have a zip file, everything in it is compressed. So all files are somewhat “mashed together” if you will. While windows acutally allows to launch an exe froma zip without extraction, your programm will fail immideatly if it relies on any file that has been zipped together with it as it is not aware of where to find those files and how to extract them.

So to put it short: As soon as your exe needs any file with it, this will definetly not work.

Apart from that: to actually run the exe your system will in some form have to decompress the file and load it into your RAM. So there is not much to gain from what you are asking.