How to open two projects simultaneously?

I’ve googled and found this answer, but it didn’t work, I have no “Always show project wizard” checkbox in Edit → Preferences (I use 5.1.2f1 on Windows).
So, is there a way to open two Unity projects simultaneously?

Don’t overcomplicate!
In case of Win 8/8.1/10 all you need is to right click on Unity icon in taskbar, pick Unity, that will open another instance of Unity

There isn’t a great answer here and I was having the same issue (On Windows 8.1), thought I’d share my solution. The ‘old’ answers suggest you uncheck a box in preferences but that doesn’t work since that option isn’t available any more in Unity 5.

What I did:

  • Open your first project as normal
  • Find unity in your start menu/wherever and run it as admin. This will open a second instance of unity

Thats it! Not sure the ramifications of one running as admin and one not but seems to do the job just fine. Hope this helps.


You will get one option for showing project wizard in Edit menu :

Edit / Preferences / General / Load previous project on start up .

This option should be uncheckd. So it will always ask you to choose project and you can open two project.


You just need to open two instances of Unity. This is described here:



If the projects come for two different places(on disk) then you can use the Alt Key(Windows)/Option Key(osx) to open to the Open Project dialog. Press and hold down the key before starting Unity Editor. If you attempt to open a project that is already open a message will display saying as much.

Hey guys!

I have to open multiple unity projects simultaneously often. I open my first project usually then, if I need to open an other instance, I just click on the opened unity project in the task bar with the scroll wheel and Unity automatically open an other instance. Maybe, this is the fastest way to open an other instance, just 1 click. :slight_smile: