How to open unity solution with some specific inputs (command line or from website javascript) ?

Im building a solution in unity and i want allow to do “stuff” withit from the command line. Like run certain process and open, select scene and navigate the camera based on user inputs. That way other application, should be able to start this application with some desired inputs.

For an example.
I have a main menu. Where user select a site. This is to be surpassed by the command. So the command would basically take an input (string), open unity project. use (in this case) the input to load another scene than the main menu.

open unity and do “some stuff”

What option do i have for HTML5 solutions and the standalone player, and where/how do i started?

Well, for WebGL builds you can use my URLParameters script / library. Make sure you grab the updated version I linked in the edit of the post. You can also use this class to set the URL fragment / hash or search string (so the part after the # ot the ? respectively)

For standalone builds you can just use System.Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() which gives you an array of all passed command line arguments. Note that element 0 is always the program name itself. So the first parameter is at index 1.