How to operate in relativistic space and use Lagrange mechanics?

Hi! I’m into physics, electronics and IT. I was readed in Feynman lectures and Landau and Lifshitz book that there is such a thing as Lagrange function, Hamiltionian and special theory of relativity. Can someone explain to me how to use Lagrange mechanics, Hamiltionians and how to operate on Minkowski space in Unity 3D? How to simulate dilatation of time, curvature of spacetime, Lorentz transformation etc. in Unity 3D? Thank you in advance.

Sites like this try to have 1 question per question. I’m reading yours as “How much college-level physics is built-into Unity?” The answer is none.

The built-in Physics engine can make a ball hit a block, making it rock and fall over. It can solve high school math using force and center of mass. That’s about it.

For anything else, you just have to find the equations and program them. That’s possible, since C# is a real language. You should be able to adopt any code to run in Unity. But probably not easy and won’t run quickly.