How to organize sprites


I’m making an isometric game and I have a character, which needs to run and perform a few attack animations, in all 8 directions. (up, down, left, right + diagonals). In another question here I have read that on the iOS platform my textures should be 2048 at most, in order to support a bit older devices, like the iPhone 3GS.

So I did a few tests. If my sprite sheet is 2048 and the frame size is 256, I will need at least 4 sheets to fit all my sprites. Which makes me think that I’m supposed to ask first :slight_smile:

So, what’s the common practice around this issue?

  • Have a few different materials with separate sprite sheets and switch on the fly?
  • Cut the number of frames in the animation? I’m currently at 24fps and one run cycle is exactly 24.
  • Cut down the frame size? Down to 128 maybe?

Please advise. Thanks!

Texture swapping actually seems to be a very low intensity exercise.

And yes 2048 is max on mobile atm.

Have one material and simple swap in the ‘sprite sheet’ texture you wish to use. Are you using offset to change frame?

This may not help you here but Erics TSA is a great example of what can be done. It was written as an alternative to video but can actually be used for many things.