How to organize stuff in folders other than alphabetically

Hey i wondered if there is a way to organize the way objects are placed in folders in Unity. Right now they are all organized alphabetically and i cant seem to change their position or find another way to organize them. Is there a way to code so that it changes also? I want organize my objects in priority(the least prioritized object at the top and the most prioritized at the bottom) in the folder.

Thanks for help

So you assign each item’s “priority” by adding a numeric prefix to the item’s filename:

  • 001 Really important item.text
  • 002 Medium priority item.jpg
  • 003 Pretty unimportant item.PNG

Not sure why was the question downvoted, it’s a valid question…

Anyway, I don’t think that’s possible. Maybe you can find a plugin that replaces the project window with another with more features, but I’m not even sure if that exists. I know something like that might be possible since it has been done for the console (“Enhanced Console” plugin adds more features to the standar console), but I guess noone has done it.