How to paint on a 3D model and create a texture?

Hello, Im looking forward doing some more graphic advanced games, so I need to start creating textures, and apply them correctly on a 3D model.
Can somebody tell me a program, where I can paint directly on the 3D model and then export it, import it in unity and apply it correctly?
I heard I can do it with photoshop, but I tried and the texture didnt apply well, also I couldn´t paint correctly because the model lowered its resolution.
Thanks for any help you can give me!

PS: I know the tags arent correct, the forum won´t let me put any other tag that “How many”, it happened in my previous question too.
Edit: Thanks to whoever put the correct tags :slight_smile:

Yes Photoshop can import several .dae files, and directly apply textures on them, personally i don’t use this method but instead bake the textures directly on the model in a 3d modelling program, and touch them up in photoshop on the texture map a regular 2d file. You could use a combination by loading your model into unity and apply a psd file on it, and edit it that file in photoshop and save it so you can directly see the results in unity.

This isn’t a Unity issue, its a 3D art issue… Please don’t ask for tutorials, this is an area for asking for help on difficult or uncommon issues with unity3D.

That being said, I’m not a total jerk. You need to learn how to layout the UVs on a 3D mesh, and then learn how to paint textures in photoshop. Assuming you’re using blender:
Blender UV Manual

As for your issues with “model lowering resolution,” no one is going to understand what you said. Please do some research. Google is your friend.

well I wouldn’t say no one is going to understand that being said if you use max or maya, zbrush is an awesome tool