How to paint on the terrain naturally

I’m drawing Texture on top of Terrain and it’s angled according to the polygon like the attached image, do you know how to solve it?

The shape I want to draw is the image below.

I have experience with the terrain system, however I am not sure what you are asking in the question above. Could you explain your problem more?

I’m not sure I understand. Are you trying to rotate the brush to the pattern is not all the same across the entire terrain?

Maybe I am just not good at understanding this, but I believe that a terrain brush should always apply the texture around the polygon of the terrain. I’m not seeing a difference between the two images at the top. The second one seems to be looking at the terrain from above, and the first one is looking at it from the side? Both of the brushes seem to be working the same way.

You are looking for more accuracy when painting on the terrain, So you can go to the terrain components Terrain Settings tab,

In the image above I have increased the control texture resolution and decreased the width and length, Though it could work with 500 x 500 as well, You can change these values to get the desired resolution.