How to pan-rotate camera transform parallel to its view plane?


I tried tackling this problem for few days, but could not solve it.

So far I achieved a rotation along certain axis, but the desired effect is to rotate the camera along a circle-like path that is parallel to the camera’s view “plane”.

See the picture below:

alt text

Goal: achieving a rotation shown with a blue arrow-path (parallel to the camera’s view plane)


Your question is missing details for me to give any focused answer:

  • What defines the center and radius of the circle
  • Does the camera need to rotate with the circle or does its orientation remain fixed.
  • What caused the camera to move on the path


  1. You can use RotateAround(). The axis of rotation would be the camera’s transform.forward.
  2. Or you could make the camera a child of an empty game object on the same plane with an offset and rotate the child object.
  3. Or you can calculate the position based on a vector. You can use Quaternion.AngleAxis() to rotate the vector. Again transform.forward is the axis of rotation.