How to parse MongoDB Json

I have Json that is in format used by MongoDB. It have Object ID and NumberInt in it.
Like this:
“_id” : ObjectId(“7dkjhdsf7fdl”),
“user_id” : “user323”,
“version” : NumberInt(2),

How to put that Json to object?
I put MongoDB dlls with BSON and Driver but I have no Idea how to use them.
I would like to use somthing like var GameInfoObject JsonUtility.FromJson(jsonstring);

What you posted is not JSON. It’s just a text form of BSON which is not JSON. BSON has more actual datatypes than JSON. Therefore BSON isn’t really compatible with JSON. I haven’t really worked with MongoDB yet, so I can’t tell you how to use it. However the MongoDB .NET driver comes with a serializer so you should be able to directly deserialize a BSON stream. The Deserialize method also has an overload to accept a JSON string. Maybe it accept the butchered text form of BSON as well. If it does we should contact the developers an ask them to find a new name for their text format as it’s not valid json.