How to parse the tensor data obtained from model inference:

I have a question. I downloaded a .onnx model from the internet and used Unity’s Sentis to perform inference, resulting in a bunch of tensor data. At this point, how do I parse this data to obtain the desired information? I asked the AI developers who created the model, but they are also unsure, and I’m left with questions.

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General information on how to use model outputs in Sentis can be found in the documentation:

If you need info on how to process the output for a specific model and how the data is to be interpreted, the authors should surely know, so it seems there was a miscommunication? Otherwise - if the code is available - you can always look at the code that processes the output in the original framework they used to train the model.

In any case, if you need specifics, you’d need to post the specific model/code here for others to be able to help.