How to pass a pointerclick event on to the next collider ?

I have multiple 2d box colliders on top of each other. I use the iPointerClickHandler interface to intercept the click and this works fine. The object that is render on top of the other will receive the OnPointerClick call.

But my question is then, can I ignore, or when I am finished with the event let the next Collider in line to have it instead ?

I am trying to create a debug mode in a game so that on top of every click that happens I want to display some information about the current action that was taken, and this includes clicking on things that dont have any regular effect inside the game.

@seth_slax i think you can use Physics.RaycastAll to get all the intercepted objects instead of performing a raycast multiple times, however, i don’t know what is the order they are retrieved in.

Just change the LayerMask of the clicked object to the IgnoreRaycast layer in code, or create your own custom RayMask and switch to that.