how to pass inspector data while reloading scene?

hello! I wont to reload scene and keep information that was stored in the inspector. Is it possible?
I tried but whole inspector information goes away.

                SceneManager.LoadScene(scene, LoadSceneMode.Single);

thank you for any help!

Heya. You might want to read little bit more about the Scene Management.

When you re-load a scene, everything from the previous one get’s destroyed and the objects from the new scene get’s created…
If everything from the previous scene is kept, then you will run out of memory pretty soon.

What i would suggest is:
1: Save the information, that you would like to load (PlayerPrefs)

2: Create one object in the index scene and make it to stay in all scenes and keep information for the stuff, that you need (DontDestroyOnLoad). This way at the end of each scene you can send the important information to that object and when the new scene loads (OR same scene reloads) you will get the information from that object…