How to pass string from one script to another in C#

I am need to know the value of a string located in a different scriptin C#. I need to get the string from a script called GameManager. The script is applied to a game object called _GameManager I have also attached a tag to the game object called _GameManger.

The string I need from the GameManger script is called suspectName. I need to pass it into a script called CharacterTile that is attached to a game object called CharacterTile and has the tag CharacterBox.

Hope this isn’t to confusing.

in CharacterTile:

string suspectName = “”;

void Start()

//correction below, thanks to robertbu for pointing out mistake

GameManager gameManager = GameObject.Find(“_GameManager”).GetComponent(“GameManager”) as GameManager;
suspectName = gameManager.SuspectName();


and then in GameManager declare:

public string SuspectName()
return suspectName

hope this helps.