How to pause timeline until you get a player input

So I recently had an idea for a game (well, more it’s cutscenes) which was to make it a comic feel. You start a cut scene, the NPC says a few words, and you click a UI button to go to the next panel, the NPC says a few more things, you get the idea.

The only problem is, I’m pretty new to unity and I have no idea how to pause a timeline, and then resume it when you get a player input.

1st question, are timeline really the best way to go about this, and
2nd question how do I pause the timeline until the player input gets received?

Thanks in advance!

this article is great at telling me that what I want to do is possible, but how do you actually go about integrating this into unity. (Kind of a noob here please forgive me)

I’d recommend looking at Creative Scripting for Timeline | Unity Blog for starters. It shows how to make non-linear timelines which may be what you want . Making a timeline pause and hold on a frame is a bit trickier, but possible by using ‘Hold extrapolation’ and dynamically changing the duration the underlying playable graph root node.