How to pick up weapons?

please help me i cant find out how to do this anywhere and been looking for days basically i want to walk up to a gun on the ground and press E and it spawns into a set location.

Hey looks like this is your first question- welcome to Unity answers!

First I really want to direct your attention to the tutorial video- your question is really general and vague, and sounds a lot like “Please write my code!” This is not what Answers is for, and a moderator might close or delete your question for this reason.

What you want to do is have a set of instructions execute on the press of a button- look for tutorials or instructions on how to do this- if you are somewhat familiar with coding, check out the docs for functions that might help you with this.

if you aren’t familiar with coding, check out the unity tutorials! They do an excellent job of introducing you to Unity and making stuff happen through code.

you also want to make an asset spawn in the level- this is a function called Instantiate.

That should get you well on your way! I wish you the best of luck!