How to plan a game for unity?

Can one person plan and produce a commercial game with Unity? I assume it is like a producing an interactive film(cinema) Targetting customers, targetting devices, a story, game plan, game structure, storyboard, assets - 3d modles, textures, sounds, javascripts and what else?

My questions are:

  1. When we model characters in third party applications, how do we make sure all FBX characters bones(rigged) and animation’s integration with the scenes in Unity? Do we need to bone(rigged) and animate every single moving characters(FBX) in third party applications before we import them into Unity?
  2. How do we make transition between scenes within a project. For example, I may want to see my character entering into another scene as an adventure game.
  3. Is it possible to have several large scenes or several levels withon one scene. For example a large tall building with several floors. Would there be any memory issues to have large several scenes or several levels within one scene?
  4. What is largest size of the scenes (landscape or whatever) we can have. Is it in pixel, cm or inches?

Much appreciated for your responses and sources.

My answers are:

  1. You can animate into unity but It is best to do it in a 3rd party application like 3ds Max or since your one man you can use Blender as its free. Importing animations from 3rd parties into unity comes out just fine. I have never had any problems with it. I have used blender and maya and both come out just fine. I know 3ds max does to. Most programs should and if you have any problems just ask here and I’m beyond sure someone can help you.

  2. Enter into new scenes is very simple in unity and there are many ways to do it. You can have stepping on something. You can have timed. You can click something. There are tons of ways and they all basically use the Application.LoadLevel() that fafase told you.

  3. You can have just about as many scenes as you want. I once worked on a solo game that had around 75. I know alot! I eventually as I learned unity better found ways to lower the amount but you don’t really have limitations as scenes go.

  4. With the size again you can do as long as you want as long as the computer can handle it. But getting to big can cause lag but that would have to be pretty big or just extremely detailed.

  5. Hope my answers helped you! If you have any more questions don’t mind to ask.

1-No you can do animation in Unity

2-Transition between scene is done using Application.LoadLevel() for the most simple way

3-Yes you can load scenes in scenes using trigger and the answer from 2

4- The size is only limited by the accuracy of floating point number. Some people had trouble while getting around 10 000 which is already about 10 km if unity is meter.