How to play a simple animation in Unity2017.1

Hi, trying to update from an older version of Unity to 2017.1 but I’m not able to make a simple animation “play” work.

Before, I was using this, and it worked:

    AnimationClipPlayable acp = AnimationClipPlayable.Create (myTransition);
    InstanceAnimator.Play ( acp );

Now, I see that AnimationClipPlayable.Create requires a PlayableGraph. Most examples for the Playables API are way too complicated for what I want to achieve (they mix different animations etc.).
Found a simple example here: Unity - Manual: Playables Examples
but the code there:

  void Start()
        playableGraph = PlayableGraph.Create();
        var playableOutput = AnimationPlayableOutput.Create(playableGraph, "Animation", GetComponent<Animator>());
        // Wrap the clip in a playable
        var clipPlayable = AnimationClipPlayable.Create(playableGraph, clip);
        // Connect the Playable to an output
        // Plays the Graph.

compiles but gives me the following error repeatedly on runtime:

ArgumentException: The playable passed as an argument is invalid. To create a valid playable, please use the appropriate Create method
UnityEngine.Playables.PlayableHandle.SetSpeedInternal (UnityEngine.Playables.PlayableHandle& playable, Double speed) (at

Any help on this?

public class MyPlayer : MonoBehaviour{
PlayableGraph graph;
AnimationClipPlayable playable;
Animator animator;

		void Start(){
			animator = GetComponent<Animator>();

        public void PlayClip(float duration, AnimationClip clip){
            playable = AnimationPlayableUtilities.PlayClip(animator, clip, out graph);

        public bool IsPlayablePlaying(){
            if (playable.IsValid()){
                return playable.IsDone()==false;

            return false;

        private void CleanupAfterPlay(){
            if (playable.IsValid() && playable.CanDestroy()){

            if (graph.IsValid()){