How to play animation clip only once in the Animation View

So I’d like to check a clip when I click a play button in Animation View, which tips that looping in shown range, is there any config to change the action of the play button that can just play once by one click in the editor, It’s really difficult to test some non loop animation clips when the preview is looping.

Thanks for your reply, but the “Loop time” option just works in game mode. When I am making a new clip for 2D game, I need to review the animation in scene mode usually , It’s always loop. Now I find a easy way to do this, that add one more Key frame which is same as the last Key frame at the timeline, so the clip could be quiet some seconds in preview, after finishing the making job, then delete the unnecessary Key frame.


Make sure to uncheck the “Loop time” option on your animation in the Project tab. It should work.