How To Play Animation

Hello Unity3D.I have a question about animations?How can i make i that when my character plays a certain animation it plays another after that specific animation?For example,My character plays an animation named walking then if that character is playing that animation it plays an animation named run right after that animation automatically.If anyone knows how i can make my player play one animation if another one is playing.Can you please tell me how?

P.S Heres what i got so far

var player : GameObject;
var cam : GameObject;
var Teleport : GameObject;
var ground :  Transform;
var RoarCameraPosition   : Transform;
var Roar   : GameObject;
var mouth  : Transform; 

function Start (){

cam.transform.position = RoarCameraPosition.transform.position - RoarCameraPosition.transform.forward;


function Switch2 (){

yield WaitForSeconds(3);



you can do it easy throw mecanim, place “idle” state and then when you move place a “move” state and when the move state is finish you put after it a “run” state and it will automatic go to the “run” state