How to play audio nested in an object

I have some large objects (Shards) that float about above the ground, that when triggered, need to play a sound. The sound source is in an empty object, which is childed to the Shard object which features the trigger. I had to do it like this, rather than attach the sound directly to the Shard, as the sounds need to originate at a point different from the Shards.

I’m using the following code to trigger colour change and such, but I can’t figure out how to get it to reference the nested audio:

var FloatingShard : GameObject;

function OnTriggerEnter (collision : Collider)	
	 	if (collision.CompareTag ("SoundSphere"))
				//renderer.material.color =; //change colour on collision
				iTweenEvent.GetEvent(FloatingShard, "ColorTo").Play();   //Change colour gradually with tween
				print("Floating Shard Triggered By Sphere");

As you can see I have ‘audio.Play();’ in there, which doesn’t work as I presume it only references the object the script is attached to, rather than it’s children.

How can I maintain the nesting structure and trigger the sound via code?

Thanks very much in advance,


Try this