How to play audio on collision

I’m trying to play an audio clip whenever the player collides with the object. Everything else in the code works fine except for the fact that the audio doesn’t play. I have an audio source attached to the object and the following code that is in charge of playing the effects, adding values to the score, etc.
public class GemPickup : MonoBehaviour
public int value;
public GameObject pickupEffect;
public AudioSource pickupSound;

// Start is called before the first frame update
void Start()
    pickupSound = GetComponent<AudioSource>();
private void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other) {
	if(other.tag == "Player") {


        Instantiate(pickupEffect, transform.position, transform.rotation);



Are you destroying the object that contains the audio source? If yes then you can either connect the audio source to a different gameobject or delay the destruction.