How to play audio through 7.1 speakers correctly?

Hi all,

I am quite new to unity and this is my first post, thanks for reading in advance if you do.

I met a problem when I trying to use 8 loudspeakers as my listening device. I created a scene includeing a spatial sound source and a mono sound source, and using steam audio plugin as spatializer. However, it seems only the left front, right front and the sub-woofer are active, and the rest channels are dead even I playing the mono sound source.

For debugging, .
Debug.Log("Checking speakerMode: " + AudioSettings.speakerMode);
Debug.Log("Checking driverCapabilities: " + AudioSettings.driverCapabilities);
both commends above returns me “Mode7point1”. So I suppose the loudspeakers set up is correct and the unity can recognize the driver (or maybe I missed some…).

I’m running on a Mac using the Dante virtual sound card for output. Can anyone tell me how can I set up a 7.1 system correctly? What I have missed? and is there any way to monitor the output of each channel?

Many thanks!!

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