How to play FBX Animations in 3DS Max.

I just started using Unity3D and i figured i would use some World of Warcraft models to play around with. Anyways, I use a program called WoW Model Viewer to export the game models into a FBX format. When i import this into Unity3D it generates all the animation files. However i would like to edit out some of the animations in the .fbx file. I imported the file into 3DS Max however i have no idea how to browse the animations, Assist please?

When several animation takes exist in the file the Fbx Plugin will only import a single take of animation at a time. It will let you know & it will allow you to choose another take from the menu. MotionBuiler has the ability to read all of the animation takes at once from an Fbx file as it is the native format for MotionBuilder (FilmBox). But with 3dsMax you could import each take and save as separate scenes then Merge all of the separate scenes in to one Scene.