How to play individual Timeline clips, step-by-step per button press?

Hello all! This is a problem I’ve been trying to solve for a little while. I’m trying to instruct a user how to do something in a Unity game. I’m using timeline to have the animations for each step and a button to go to the next step and a button to go the previous step. As of right now, I have a button labeled “next” that plays the timeline when pressed. That’s all. What I want to do is be able to press the “next” button once and as a result play the animation clip “step 1” from the timeline ONLY. Then, when I press this “next” button again, I want to go to the next animation clip called “step 2” in my timeline. I also have a “previous button” which I want to do the reverse with. Thanks in advance.

I would suggest having a look a Ciro’s blog post, it is doing something related - Creative Scripting for Timeline | Unity Blog