how to play moving animations

i am having problems with my animations. because i don't have a 3d modeling program so i made a character with the basic objects in unity, and put them all in an empty gameObject. i attached a walking script to the empty game object and it works fine, but because it is attached to empty object, i cannot play the animation from that script because the animation is attached to the legs, and i don't know how to script it. if you could write me a part to attach to my walking script or a new script to attach the legs that would be great!

There are lots of ways, the simplest might be:

function BeginAnimation () {
     var animationComps : Animation[] = GetComponentsInChildren(Animation);

     for (var animComp : Animation in animationComps) {

All's you really need to do is find the child's animation component and then tell it to play another animation.

You might want to animate the children through an animation clipped attached to the parent though, it will save you some work (and probably improve performance) if you animate all the children through a parent.