How to play sound when sub emitter explodes?

Can this be done without scripting? perhaps using a special component or the animation system?

What is the best way of doing this otherwise?

I created a script that can play a sound on particle birth as well as death. You may need to change the SoundManager.Play line into whatever you use.

@script RequireComponent(AudioSource)

public var OnBirthSound : AudioClip;
public var OnDeathSound : AudioClip;

private var _numberOfParticles : int = 0;

function Update(){ 
	if (!OnBirthSound && !OnDeathSound){ return; }
	var count = particleSystem.particleCount;
	if (count < _numberOfParticles){ //particle has died
		SoundManager.Play(audio, OnDeathSound); 
	}else if (count > _numberOfParticles){ //particle has been born
		SoundManager.Play(audio, OnBirthSound); 
	_numberOfParticles = count;