how to play video on android device??

As i found there are three functions for playing video.

  1. Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie
  2. iPhoneUtils.PlayMovie
  3. MovieTexture

And someone says MovieTexture and iPhoneUtils don’t support android phone.
Handheld can play videos in android phone, but I cant’ control playback.

What I need is to control a video such as move frame, pause, resume, play, stop.
Also the fullscreen mode. (I need both full-screen and window-screen mode)

Any ideas or good links?

The only way I’ve ever been able to get this working on Android was to use Vuforia’s video texture example and make it fill the screen:

I know the video is for iOS, but if you look for the sample on the Vuforia website you should be able to hack around with it.