How to Play Your Game Fullscreen on Different Resolutions

I’ve developed a game for iOS and android devices. I want my game to run full screen on all the devices. I’ve tested it on iPad2 and it works perfectly but when I tested it on iPhone 4 and 5 devices, the sides are getting clipped.

I’m pretty new to unity and I just want to know what does the different options meant under PlayerSettings > iOS > OtherSettings >TargetResolution.

What is the Best Option to choose as per my problem. Thank You

I think you are using absolute resolution while developing your game, if so then make sure to use Ratio instead, for iPhone i think the aspect ration is 3:2 in landscape and 2:3 in portrait mode, same thing goes with most android devices (even that i use 5:8 and 8:5 for my games)
for iPad it’s 3:4 and 4:3
so you may want to consider exporting different builds for each device which is not a very hard thing to do, you’ll just have to change the ratio (Top-Left corner of the Game window)