How to plot projectile path with dotted line

I have a projectile that is similar to a bouncing cannonball. I need to be able to plot a dotted line to predict the path of the projectile.

Since the path needs to take physics into account, I figure it’s easier if I actually lob an identical invisible projectile with a Trail Renderer attached. That kinda works well enough for me, except that I can’t figure our how to get a material that can get the Trail Renderer to plot the path as a dotted line.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Just to provide an actual answer, here’s a script that will make a dotted line path for a rigidbody object using Vectrosity. The lineMaterial should use a texture with a dot in it.

var lineMaterial : Material;
var maxPoints = 500;
var ballPrefab : Rigidbody;
var force = 16.0;

private var pathLine : VectorLine;
private var pathIndex = 0;
private var pathPoints : Vector3[];

function Start () {
	pathPoints = new Vector3[maxPoints];
	pathLine = new VectorLine("Path", pathPoints, lineMaterial, 12.0, LineType.Continuous);
	var ball = Instantiate(ballPrefab,, Quaternion.Euler(300.0, 70.0, 310.0)) as Rigidbody;
	ball.useGravity = true;
	ball.AddForce (ball.transform.forward * force, ForceMode.Impulse);
	SamplePoints (ball.transform);

function SamplePoints (thisTransform : Transform) {
	var running = true;
	while (running) {
		pathPoints[pathIndex] = thisTransform.position;
		if (++pathIndex == maxPoints) {
			running = false;
		yield WaitForSeconds(.05);

		pathLine.maxDrawIndex = pathIndex-1;
		Vector.DrawLine (pathLine);
		Vector.SetTextureScale (pathLine, 1.0);