How to posistion a camera?

Is there a way to put the camera above an object (the player) and facing down (Top down view) or do I manually move the camera (cant get a good position)

The following script can be used for a top down camera.

//attach a top down camera
var fixedPositionObject : Transform;
//y value of camera
var heightOfObject = 5;

function Update () {
//keep camera following player at specified height
fixedPositionObject.position = Vector3(





Simply create a new script with the above code and add it to the character you want the camera to follow. You will need to drag the Main Camera on to the Fixed Position Object variable in the inspector and also set the X rotation of the main camera to 90. Finally adjust the Height Of Object variable as desired.

This is pulled out of an iphone app I've worked on.. I've trimmed a lot of the fat (dynamic zoom, etc). The main difference from the one above is that it also dampens the movement of the camera so its less jerky.

// Camera Stuff
var mainCam : Transform; // In case you have more than one camera
private var mainCamOffset : Vector3; // Temp variable
var mainCamXOffset = -3.0; // Offsets
var mainCamYOffset = 10.3; // Offsets
var mainCamZOffset = -4.5; // Offsets
var mainCamDamp = 5; // How much we dampen it by
var camTarget : Transform; // What the camera will follow

function Update()
    mainCam.position = Vector3.Lerp (mainCam.position, mainCamOffset, Time.deltaTime * mainCamDamp);    

    mainCamOffset = camTarget.position; // Update the camera's ideal position :)

    // Apply the offsets (in case you want to follow in front or behind etc)
    mainCamOffset.x += mainCamXOffset;
    mainCamOffset.y += mainCamYOffset;
    mainCamOffset.z += mainCamZOffset;