How to position an object using the w axis from Vector4?

Hey. I have been strugling with this doubt for a while now, and I just can’t figure it out.

I’m trying to make a hypercube (also called Tesseract), but I’m having trouble with represanting the w axis in the 3D space. For now, I have a cube that I made using Vector3 vertices (represented as spheres) and a line renderer to connect those vertices.

Now, in order to make the hypercube, I doubled those vertices and changed their object type to Vector4. Now, here’s where I’m stuck. I realized that, when I instentiate the vertices, their positioning is being set using only the x, y and z axes. So the new vertices are being created over the other vertices and I just can’t figure a way to make Unity consider the w axis.

I know that it’s actually impossible to visualize a 4D space, but it’s actually possible to kind of “emulate” it in a 3D space. So, should I be using another method? Maybe matrices instead of the Vector3 and 4? Any ideas and help is welcome. Thanks!

Sorry for any misinterpretation, English isn’t my best language. Thanks!

If you’ve ever studied how 3D space is projected onto a 2D display, you would realize this can’t be done by simply stabbing at the problem with a guess. This is a projection. Search the 'net for “how to project 4 dimensional space onto 3 dimensional space” to find a number of references on the math to do this. Once you find that it will become much clearer, but you must understand that describing all that’s involved is in fact quite a blog, and won’t fit within the limits of a post here. It is a studied subject, and there are some relatively standard approaches within a range of options, just as you find in 3D projections (where various cameras and perspectives are available).