How to position objects UI elements in a line accounting for the rotation of the object

I have a set of UI objects that need to face the camera when I update their position. And when I add more objects to this set of UI Objects, I need to space them so that they are not touching, however due to their own rotation and position around my camera, I cannot simply add to the x value of the position or the z value of the position to gain the desired effect. I have the rotation part down, I just need help with positioning the objects in a line based on the Y rotation of the camera. So if the camera faces a 45 degree angle, the objects need to be positioned on the tangent line that would come from that angle on a circle.

If you want to line up n items in front of the camera, you could set their position like this:

GameObject[] items = // this should be filled with your gameobjects
Vector3 camPos = Camera.main.transform.position;
Vector3 camForward = Camera.main.transform.forward;
Vector3 camRight = Camera.main.transform.right;
float distanceFromCamera = 5f;
float distanceFromEachOther = 2f;
int n = items.Length;
for (int i=0; i<n; i++)
    items_.transform.position = camPos + distanceFromCamera * camForward + (i - (n-1) / 2f) * distanceFromEachOther;_

In plain text we move from the camera position forward (each transform has three easily accessible vectors: forward, right and up), then half of the total extents to the left (-right vector multiplied by (n-1)/2f) and then to the right one distance per element.