How to position UI elements on the Minimap's rectangle relative to the elements target position?

Hello everyone,

I’m making a minimap at the moment and recently ran into one issue. My minimap is similar to the RTS style minimap. I’m trying to position my UI elements on the minimap’s rectangle relative to the world position of the element’s target object. I know the size of the map as well as the size of the minimap’s rectangle. Also when I register the element I send the owner (GameObject) means that I also know the position of the target object.

For example (On register, known info):

Map size: x - 150m, 125m

Minimap size: width - 225 pixels, Height - 250 pixels

Target Position: x - -25m, y - 0.5m, z - 35m

Element Position: ?

I tried to calculate the position like this:

x - (minimap.Width / mapSize.x) x target.localPosition.x

y - (minimap.Height / mapSize.y) x target.localPosition.z

But it looks a bit off for some reason…

What am I doing wrong with this?

Thank you.

Nevermind I was sending elements to be registrated before actually calculated the minimap’s rectangle’s size.