How to post as Page using the Facebook SDK

I’m trying to post to a Facebook page AS the page using the Unity Facebook SDK running on iOS. As I understand, to do that, I need the pages access token with manage_pages and publish_pages. I know that I can get it from /me/accounts?fields=access_token, but how do I tell AccessToken.CurrentAccessToken to use my pages access token instead?

Right now i’m using the following:

var wwwForm = new WWWForm();
//wwwForm.AddField ("access_token", "A-T I NEED");
wwwForm.AddBinaryData("image", screenshot, "InteractiveConsole.png");
wwwForm.AddField("message", "herp derp.  I did a thing!  Did I do this right?");
FB.API("/PAGE-ID/photos", HttpMethod.POST, HandleResult, wwwForm);

I tried putting the access token manually, but that didn’t work (so I commented it out).

With this as it is I’m getting an error, telling me that I need publish_actions, wich is not correct since I’m not trying to post as the user. If I also get publish_actions the post goes online, but is posted to the page as the user speaking. (User is also Admin)

Any Ideas ? Thanks!

Did you solve this - I am can’t get it to work properly either.
Thanks, Pieter