How to postpone fusion initialization until server is ready.

I am having problems with Multiplay and Fusion. So in general everything works like a charm. But I am lost in one particular thing. The flow runs as this:
1. Client request MM for matchId.
2. Unity MM successfully starts the server. The server initializes itself.
3. On the server, I am using the OnAllocated callback, to execute fusion Runner.StartGame() method.
4. The client in the meantime receives matchId from the MM, and runs fusion runner.StartGame() method

Problem: The server instance of the Fusion initialization has not yet been completed on the server, while the client tries to initialize Fusion, thus client will never find a game. What am I missing? How to postpone a little bit of fusion initialization on clients. I want to make sure that client will call fusion Runner.StartGame() right after the server runner completes its initialization.

My entire flow is based on BR2000 and I haven't noticed any postpone mechanism :/

Just wait for 3 seconds by using a coroutine.

Yup, I did that and it works like a charm. However, we all know that this is bad practice :/

Do you use matchId as session same? I made client to look for sessions with the same matchId then call StartGame when it found.