how to prevent bumping cubes on collision?

hello. i have really simple yet hard to solve problem which makes me unable to continue my project… so… i have a player object which is cube with applied material. i use addforce to move around as i press keys. example: pressing down A adds force to move left, while key up A substracts this force and cube stops. everything works good, but i have randomly generated maze on next level. when i touch the wall in maze, my character bounces off to opposite direction. i can’t find a solution to this. all i want is to be unable to go through the wall, nothing else. no physics, no bouncing… i cant solve this problem. i went through several topics that were similiar to me but they didnt work… my wall has box collider with “is trigger” unchecked. my character has rigidbody and collider, and is not kinematic… please, do anyone know how to solve this issue?

Make a New Physics Material and set bounciness level to 0.Apply that to either cuber or maze gameobjects Hope that would help