How to prevent Character Controller from falling through moving Platforms?

My Character Controller reproducibly falls through vertically moving platforms. The Character is parented to the moving platform as soon as it enters a trigger box colider above it.

This fall trough is more likely to happen if the charcter falls a long distance and if the platform is moving up. Or with other words: the stronger the collision force is the more likely it is that the character slips through the platform. At a certain force it always falls through.

Any help is much appreciated!

For me changing the Fixed Timestep in Edit → Project Settings → Time down to 0.01 solved the problem.

There is a Moving Platform field in the Character Motor script of the default Character Controller in Standard Assets. Did you enable it?

Thanks for the Feedback. I did not know about that! Looks like I have some additional research to do :wink:

Fixed timestep will surely help, but sometimes you can only get it to go so low before it impacts performance. Changing the collision detection mode of your object’s rigidbody to Continuous or Continuous Dynamic is probably what you want. Now if the collision occurs between two fixed time steps, it will still be detected. If that happens and collision mode is set to Discrete, the collision is not detected and it passes through.

(Only use this for objects that need it, it will impact performance if used all over the place)

Unity Script Reference - Collision Detection Mode