How to prevent Client automatically disconnecting When I change settings on a Rigidbody (Netcode For gameobjects)

I am new to Netcode for GameObjects, and am trying to set up a movement system for players.

To start with this I’ve given The Player Prefab The following components:
-Mesh Renderer
-Capsule Collider
-Network Object
-Network Transform
-Network Rigidbody

However, when I go onto the prefab and change the settings on the RigidBody, Specifically the Freeze Rotation and Position constraints, and load it up the Server(Host) side gives me this Error (I am using the Multiplayer Play Mode package)

[Netcode] Server detected a transport connection from Client-1, but timed out waiting for the connection request message.
UnityEngine.Debug:LogWarning (object)

and the client side gives me this sequence

I’ve tried setting it up so that the settings are changed via a c# script on the player, both using calling it client side and using server RPCs.

So, how would I change the Constraints on a RigidBody with A player prefab ?