How to prevent collider fall through another collider


On the video you can see big monster that cast red or blue ball. I want these balls to apply force to player to push/move him away. It works but sometimes player is pushed through the floor which has collider.

How can I prevent that from happening?
I’ve already tried all combinations of Rigidbody interpolation. Tried thickening floor collider.
Somewhere I read that casting down to check ground Raycast everyframe might help but now I can’t find any information about it.

Unity. Fall through Collider - YouTube

Have you tried to change the Collision Detection type from Discrete to Continuous? If it doesn’t work either, I have a really dumb thought by giving your character a script which detects it’s movement in vertical axis. For Example, if the character moved downward in y-axis over 50 units in less than 0.3 seconds, it means that your character had been pushed through the ground, then reset its position back on the ground. Sorry, I’m not an expert in Unity but hope this would help.