How to prevent light to scintillate when camera move ? ( vsync )

When i move my camera in this scene the pixel that are close to the white light
have some bad oscillation. I can see some line artefact… I would like to take
a screenshot of it but we can only see in the movement…


I try to change my VSync count; strangly the best option seams to be Don’t Sync.
there’s a lot of line artefact but they are softer.

If i use every VBlank it’s worst. I have a more distinct horizontal line that move slowly.

With every second VBlank i have 2 horizontal line or more.
My camera move with a simple transform.position += x. But i don’t
think that’s the problem.

How could i make it better ?
Thanks for any suggestion !)

After hours of research i think i have a solution for my special case.

I go to my PlayerSettings and deactivate Direct3d 11.

Then in the QualitySetting Vsync Every VBlank.

And it do the job !
No more Line !)
I’m so happy !)